Meet Alex & Mike


We’re Alex & Mike — lifestyle bloggers living in Philadelphia. We started our blog as a creative outlet. We were bored and frustrated in our everyday lives and needed a change. After brainstorming ideas one night while relaxing on the couch (possibly with pizza + rosé), Alex & Mike was born. We love fashion, skincare, home decor, and food. All of this has come together to create a lifestyle destination meant to inspire not influence. We have a true passion for sharing our love of life with others. We hope our corner of the internet will make you smile and inspire you to live your best life — whatever that means to you!

Désideria x Alex & Mike

After hours of meetings, designing, fabricating, stone setting, polishing & finishing our designs, we’re finally ready to release our line of gorgeous, unique rings to the public that creates an opportunity for men to express themselves with fine jewelry in a way that’s never been done before. The Engagement Collection and Lifestyle Collection were handmade and designed with love to create space in fine jewelry for bold, stylish men looking to elevate their wardrobe.


As I began working in the fine jewelry industry, I noticed a huge gap in my jewelry community. Where are the engagement rings for men!? Every man I know who had been proposed to had received a men's wedding band in lieu of an engagement ring. This got me thinking - we have a strong, vibrant LGBTQ community in Philadelphia, so why are the engagement options for men confined to a classic wedding band style? I started working on unique and exciting men’s engagement ring designs in my spare time.

Years later in a SoulCycle class, I met Alex & Mike. I absolutely loved their creativity and style. I watched their work ethic prove itself time and time again as they seamlessly juggled full-time jobs with what seemed like another full-time job of blogging and influencing. Suddenly it hit me – they are the perfect couple to work with on this project. They’re creative, they value quality and luxury over quantity and they’re not afraid to be themselves. I approached them about the line during SoulCycle, and they enthusiastically accepted, full of incredible ideas from day one including adding a lifestyle line of fine jewelry for men to wear every day.

As always, all of Désideria Collection rings are made with top quality diamonds and gemstones in sterling silver and solid 14k yellow gold. We do all of our production right here in our Philadelphia studios and are able to customize any design upon request. We hope you enjoy the collection we've poured our blood, sweat and tears into over the past year, and always remember - the world is a much more beautiful place when you're true to yourself.

The Engagement Collection

The Lifestyle Collection

Want a really big Diamond?

We totally get it - so do we! Diamonds come in a ton of different sizes, qualities and price ranges, and we want you to be completely satisfied. For this reason, we sell our engagement rings with larger stones in semi-mount form and Des will personally walk you through the process of buying a diamond. Go to our Find Your Diamond page to get started looking for the perfect diamond for the perfect engagement ring for you.

If Colored Gemstones are more your thing, we have you covered! Go to our Find Your Gemstone page to scroll through available gemstones to fit in the Alex & Mike design that you love. Roger Dery cuts all the gemstones right here in the US and offers stone tracking from the mine to your perfect ring.