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Valentines Day isn't just for Lovebirds

Love is in the air, hearts are in the eyes, and chocolate is in the bellies on this Valentine’s Day! I’m sure many of you are under the impression that this day is just for the goo-goo-eyed, but there is a long, not-so-romantic history to February 14th.

Back in ancient Rome this day was a Roman Fertility festival called Lupercalia, not having anything to do with love. It wasn’t until the early 1300’s in Great Britain that it transformed into a holiday about love and Romance. America finally started celebrating years after that. February 14th was also believed to be the first day of the mating season for birds…the term “lovebirds” makes a little more sense now, doesn’t it?

So if you are one of those hopeless romantics, what do you do for your honey on one of America’s most popular holidays? Give your gal something that will last! Twenty percent of people splurge on jewelry to make her heart smile. If you’re a go big or go home kind of person, you are not alone; six billion couples are likely to get engaged on Valentine’s Day!

If you're single and loving life, deck yourself out in Gemstones and Diamonds to celebrate how awesome you are! Fourteen percent of ladies send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day; we say forget that. Why give yourself something that will only last a day when we're all in a relationship with ourselves forever! Everyone can use a little self love.

Whether you are a lovebird or riding solo, history proves February 14th is cause for celebration either way. Sparkle in your best jewelry, eat the yummiest chocolate, and flaunt the most beautiful flowers because this day is for you!

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