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23 Quarantine Date Ideas That Will Reignite Your Dating Life


Dating in today's world has become a struggle for many. No one knows where to go, what to do, or how to meet people with all the rules and regulations put in place for Covid-19. Sometimes it’s difficult to put in the effort to figure out what a good quarantine date can actually look like while doing the same repetitive dates over and over again isn‘t any fun.

Dating can still happen, and believe it or not this is actually a great time to date and get to know someone new. So if you want to add a little kick to your dating life or just spice up your at home quarantine life with your significant other, we’ve come up with some fabulous ideas for you!

At Home Date Nights

1. Spa Night: Order the face masks and cucumbers, it's time to relax. It’s a night of self-care for you and your significant other. Don't forget to also grab your favorite treats to eat and movies to watch while the face masks work their magic. Want to make this spa night even more romantic? Organize a couples massage but instead of someone giving them to you, you both give them to each other.

2. Online Workout Class: Feeling lazy and in need of a good workout, or you and your partner are just workout fanatics struggling with quarantine? Look up online workouts and there will be so many different options to suit what you're looking for. There are so many different workouts and workout influencers to watch so you aren’t doing the same old thing.

3. Cook a Romantic Meal: When is the last time you got dressed up and had a romantic dinner for two? Leave a note for your partner to get ready at a certain time and when they are getting ready set up the table and start cooking the meal so it is ready when they come down. Create a vibe that makes it feel like you are going out on that romantic dinner date you both have been longing for.

4. DIY Craft Night: Quarantine is the perfect time to finish all your home projects that you have been wanting to do. Work together with your partner and create everything you have been wanting to make. If you don't have any projects pick up a new crafting hobby with your partner. It can be painting, knitting, tie-dyeing, and so much more.

5. Binge Watch a New Show: There is always that one tv show you both want to watch but never have the time to sit down and watch it together. Well now you have all the time in the world to watch it and probably finish it. Get comfy on the couch or in your bed and get your snacks.

6. Plan a Trip For When You Can Travel: Flights have been super cheap so why not look into flights. Go to a location you have wanted to go to, or take this chance to explore a place that you haven't visited before and never really even thought of visiting. You can plan your whole trip out down to where to eat and what to do.

7. Have a Cook-Off: Pick out a recipe that neither you nor your partner have made before and then go get the food needed for it. The trick is that you are going to give your partner the recipe you picked out and they are going to cook it. You can give each other a time limit and at the end you both will judge the meals. Be creative and fun with it!

8. Make Tik Toks: If you haven't already you really should. Tik Tok has become a popular social media platform that all ages have been using. There have been a lot of couple videos that were really popular to make together. They are fun and you guys get to laugh while making these videos together. Get creative with the video and make it unique for the both of you. You may even become addicted to tik tok and start watching and making them all the time.

Virtual Date Nights

1. Netflix Party: Netflix has come up with the perfect way to watch movies or shows together but not actually together. You can now watch the same thing at the same time by using Netflix party. So if you can't be together during this quarantine at least you can still both act like you are together by watching a show or movie together. Binge watching together is better than alone.

2. Watch an Online Concert: Some performers haven't stopped giving the people what they want. They have been hosting live online concerts that people can buy a ticket to and watch through their laptop or tv. Get dressed up like your going, set the scenery like a concert and watch the performer give you something that feels close to what life was before.

3. Wine Tasting: Order the same bottles of wine to your house or join the same online wine tasting class together. You even can find some private wine classes out there on the internet so you both can just do it with each other. Either way you both can judge the bottles together and maybe get a new wine out of it.

4. Dinner Delivery Roulette: See how well you two really know each other. Try to order their favorite meal from their favorite restaurant without telling them. You both will only know that you will have a meal arrive at your house that is already paid for. You then can facetime each other and have a take out dinner together.

5. Happy Hour: Everyone always loves a good happy hour and it's also a great way to get out there and meet people. Obviously things aren't the same now and that's not an option anymore. So you can create your own happy hour and talk to that new person that you have been getting to know. If you are trying to find someone to have a happy hour with, use the dating apps and find people who would be interested in joining you.

6. Game Night: There are so many things you can do with technology in today's world and playing games is one of them. There are apps and online games that you can find and play together. You can play trivia, card games, and more. If you want to make it more competitive you can come up with a prize for the winner.

7. Ask questions: Asking questions is the best way to get to know someone you just met or someone you want to know better. There are so many games out there that you can use to ask questions but there is one very popular question game we love in particular. The game is called "36 questions to fall in love". This game is specifically great for those who know that they want to take their relationship to the next step.

8. Solve a Virtual Escape Room Together: If you look online places are creating or offering ways to do an escape room online.This is great for working together and seeing what it would be like to be in a challenge with the other person. Or it is just something fun to try and solve if you both like doing that.

Outdoor but Social Distance Friendly Dates

1. Walking Bar Crawl: Walking is a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Why not make this walk into a fun adventurous date. You can either look up a bar crawl and follow that path or you can make it more unique. To make it more unique you can make your own path and go to bars you love and end up somewhere you can eat dinner.

2. Parks on Tap: A traveling outdoor beer garden that is located in two different areas in Philadelphia. It is such a fun place to go and enjoy the environment. Parks on Tap offers fresh food, beers on tap, and non-alcoholic drinks. They have seating all over and restaurants located throughout the park area. This is a great place to meet new people with a great view and some great food and drinks!

3. Drive In Movie: Going to the movies is never as comfortable as when you can lay down with blankets and pillows at home. But, why not take the comfort out of your home and into your car for a change. You can bring all the snacks and goodies and pillows and blankets that you want. You get to enjoy being comfortable outside while watching a great movie with your significant other, what is better than that!

4. Picnic: How fun would it be to go to a gorgeous location and bring a basket filled with fruits, veggies, and more. You can bring a bottle of champagne or wine to toast towards the experience. You can go later in the day and watch the sunset and then enjoy looking at the stars. The best thing about this is that if you can't or don't want to leave your house, then you can go right into your backyard!

5. Replace Cancelled Vacation Plans: A lot of vacations had to be canceled due to all the traveling restrictions that were placed. Recently more options have been opening up. Yet how good would it be to take mini road trip to a close location and just get away. It may not be the trip you thought but at least you can still enjoy each other and go somewhere close instead of going no where.

6. Go to an outdoor exercise class: Tired of those couple workouts in your basement or somewhere in your house, and in need of a change of scenery? There are many athletic gym trainers offering classes outside like in a park. You and your partner can go outside and do a workout class and get food afterwards together and sit and enjoy the meal outside.

7. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Do you live near or in your hometown or your significant others hometown? Whatever the case, it is so much fun to drive around and show your boo where you used to hang out, where you went to school, and everything else about the town you love? If you both grew up in the same town, you can take a trip down memory lane together and reminisce on the old times.

A couple of these date ideas can be virtual or happen together at home. Take these ideas and run with them--make them into new memories together. Cherish this time and get to know your partner or someone brand new a little better.

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