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4 Ways You Can Make the Holidays Special This Year


The holidays are known for large gatherings, events, and traveling. Unfortunately, this year is going to be a little different compared to past years. Due to the pandemic, large gatherings and events are most likely going to downsize or be canceled and traveling will probably be reduced.

Just because the Holidays are going to be different this year doesn't mean you can't celebrate. This year is still going to be filled with love and joy no matter what you decide to do. You may be scared of change, but it doesn't have to be. You can make new traditions this year that you will remember forever and maybe even carry on in the future because of how much you enjoyed them. Listed below are a couple of ways to keep the upcoming holidays special and meaningful.

  • Dress Up or Dress Down

Dress up for the occasion as you in the past. Whether you are attending a small gathering, hosting one, or just staying in, dressing up, and getting ready for the holiday is going to make the moment still have meaning. You can still take pictures with whoever is there and act like it's normal.

For a change instead of dressing up maybe your family decided they wanted to dress down and make it something special between you all. Maybe you guys decided you want to stay in your pajamas all day and play games and just celebrate being with eachother.

  • Video Chat

Though talking over the phone with all your family members might not be ideal, it may be the safest and best option. This is a way you can still all “gather together” and celebrate without taking the risk of meeting in person and someone getting sick. You could plan out family games to play while you are video chatting and make it a competition. Each family could be a team and the winner gets a prize or you can just play for fun. You can make the video chats into something more creative.

  • Look into Pandemic Festivities

Some areas may be hosting events that have social distancing. Two options that have been talked about in certain areas are drive-through haunted houses for Halloween and drive-in movie theaters showing holiday movies. The activities are going to depend on where you live and if your area has decided to create any.

Another good idea for those who know younger children would be using JingleRing. Children may be upset that they don't get to see Santa this year or tell them what they want, but how cool would it be to call Santa. With JingleRing you can either schedule a live call or a prerecorded one.

  • Get Creative

One of the best ways to keep something interesting is by being creative. You can come up with an idea that you would have never thought of before. Take traditions that your family has for other holidays and try to use them. For example, instead of going trick or treating have an easter egg hunt at your house and fill the eggs with Halloween candy. For Thanksgiving, you could do secret Santa but in a thankful way. You can write a letter or give a gift to the person you are given for "secret Santa", which will show why you're thankful for them.

Don't let Covid ruin the months that are always filled with joy, thanks, and love. Talk to your family and friends and start to plan and communicate ways to celebrate this year while staying safe. Use this time of the year and creativity to make this pandemic a little less disappointing. Take advantage of these times that you get to be creative and close with the people you love.

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