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5 Basic Steps to Know When Buying a Diamond


Buying a diamond can be super challenging and intimidating. Walking into a jewelry store is always overwhelming. There are diamonds all over that are different sizes, designs, and colors. They are overall expensive which makes people fearful of getting ripped off.

We want to help you get the best value for the diamond you want and deserve. In order to do that, the trick is to know what you are looking at before you go. Never go diamond shopping without knowing basic information, including the 4 C's. These five effective steps are going to help you become a professional when it comes to buying diamonds

1. First things first is you need a budget. The worst move a person can make when picking out a diamond is going without a price range. Set a budget that you are comfortable with and go with that. Don't compare yours with others because the price of the diamond is not what the gift or proposal is about. Once you decide on your price range do some research and look at what you will be able to afford. Once you know your budget that's when you need to start thinking about the 4 C's.

2. The first C is cut. Cut doesn't refer to the shape of the diamond, but its proportions, symmetry, and reflective qualities. There are different types of cuts depending on the diamond cutter and what they are aiming for. The finer the cut, the better the diamond. The cut is going to determine the diamonds overall beauty, which makes this the most important C and concept about a diamond.

3. The second C is color. A diamond's color is based on a scale of how colorless or white the diamond is. The scale goes from D - Z. D having the least amount of color therefore being colorless. Z containing a yellowish brownish tint to it. The color is going to basically determine the value of the diamond. The closer it is to D on the scale, the more rare it is and the pricer it will be. There also are colored diamonds that you can buy. The more saturated the color the more expensive the stone will be.

4. The third C is Clarity. The grade of the diamond's clarity is based on an 11 point scale that determines how clean it is from inclusions and blemishes. Clarity normally cannot be recognized by the naked eye. It is recommended to see if the diamond is eye clean and then get an expert opinion if needed. The more imperfections the diamond has the less brilliant it will be. A diamond with fewer inclusions is going to sparkle more in the light, which will help you determine the clarity of it.

5. The fourth C is Carat. Carat weight is based on the weight of the diamond itself. Many think carat weight is the most important objective of buying a diamond ring but in reality the appearance and brilliance of it is. You can get a ring that is lower in carat weight compared to other rings but the look and shine of it could be ten times better than others. Though the carat weight is going to be a major reflection on the price and rarity of it, so it's still important to know for those reasons.

Learning this information before going to pick out a diamond is going to help you get a stone that is stunning and affordable. All these steps contribute to the beauty of the ring and without knowing them you most likely will not get the ring you want and deserve. After knowing all of the steps you will come out being your own diamond expert and be able to walk into a jewelry store with complete confidence!

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