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A List of Gemstones to Buy For Wedding Anniversaries by The Year

Updated: Oct 14, 2020


Wedding anniversaries are a great time to celebrate the love you have for your partner and show them how much they mean to you. Giving a gift to your significant other is a very popular way to do this. Although sometimes it is hard to think of a gift you want to buy. To help out listed below is a list of gemstones that are known to be given for certain wedding anniversary years.

  • 1st wedding anniversary: Gold, is known for being a gemstone that you buy for your first year of marriage. With gold comes other types of gemstones that you can buy, including citrine, yellow topaz, golden south sea cultured pearls, yellow sapphire, ambler, and zircon. Also included are two garnet species known as grossularite and spessartine.

  • 2nd wedding anniversary: Garnet, a gem that many believe to be red but they actually come in a variety of colors. Garnet is popular in all types of jewelry, giving you have a wide range of options to choose from.

  • 3rd wedding anniversary: Pearls, a very popular, well known, and a great way to celebrate your third wedding anniversary. They come in all different styles; classic strands, elegant earrings, funky rings, and dramatic necklaces. They also come in all different sizes but one of the most popular ones is about the size of a pigeon’s egg and is called La Peregrina.

  • 4th wedding anniversary: Blue Topaz, a gemstone that is rare in nature but produces a fascinating result when used in jewelry. Its peaceful blue coloring creates a mix of mother natures artistry and man’s ingenuity, giving off a picture of a united marriage.

  • 5th wedding anniversary: Sapphire, a gemstone that many believe to be blue, but come in a wide variety of colors except red. Although, blue is known to be the best look for a sapphire. It is known to be one of the most durable gemstones, giving a symbol for a marriage that is going to last a lifetime. In the past, this gem was known for protecting the Ancient Greek and Roman kings and queens. Also known to symbolize heaven and attract blessings. With all the positive thoughts this gem brings, it makes it an excellent gift for a wedding anniversary.

  • 6th wedding anniversary: Amethyst, a gemstone believed to have been worn by St. Valentine, the patron saint of romantic love. The gem ranges from a bluish-purple to purple to reddish-purple. Purple is known to be associated with royalty making this an amazing option for an anniversary gift to give to the queen or king of your heart. Not only is it a great symbol for the love you have for your significant other but it also fits every budget, making it very affordable.

  • 7th wedding anniversary: Onyx, rated high on the durable scale making it a gemstone that is both possible and beautiful to wear every day. It is made up of straight parallel layers with different colors. Not only does it have a gorgeous look it also was believed to bestow health, success in lawsuits, and safe travels. Therefore, you can send your partner your love and protection by gifting them with this gem.

  • 8th wedding anniversary: Tourmaline, a stunning gemstone that is always in fashion and also can come in pink, yellow, red, blue, green, and more. Was founded in Brazil and at first was believed to be an emerald until scientists discovered otherwise. Tourmaline was easily found in mines in San Diego, which then supplied the Chinese Dowager Empress Tz’u Hsi since she had a huge love and passion for this gem.

  • 9th wedding anniversary: Lapis Lazuli, is a hard to find gemstone but defiantly worth the search. Color is a very significant factor for this gem. The best coloring for this gem contains little or no purity, no calcite, and is an intense, uniform, medium-dark, slightly violet-blue. This stunning gemstone is found in many types of jewelry and accessories like beads, game boards, bowls, hair combs, and amulets.

  • 10th wedding anniversary: Diamond, the hardest mineral on earth, is a great symbol for your love and the first milestone of your married life. A diamond is formed under high temperature and pressure which symbolizes the sure to happen joys and challenges faced in your 10 years of marriage. Diamonds are in all different forms of jewelry. One way to make this anniversary celebration bigger than you thought you could is by buying your significant other an updated engagement ring.

  • 20th wedding anniversary: Emerald, a fragile but also gorgeous gemstone. It has a stunning green color to itself but ranges from a bluish-green to a green variety of the mineral beryl. It is known for evoking springtime and the renewal of life, making this the best option of gifts to give to your partner to celebrate two decades of marriage. Cleopatra had a passion for emeralds and loved to wear them.

  • 30th wedding anniversary: Cultured Pearl, starts as a little seed and grows to be the stunning gemstone that many love. A great symbol for the growth of your love between each other. There are four types of cultured pearls; Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea, and Freshwater. This gemstone is unique and different from others giving you the chance to wow your partner with your sense of style.

  • 40th wedding anniversary: Ruby, a gemstone that is believed to get its glow from a hidden inner fire. Celebrating four decades of marriage, a ruby is a great way to show the love and commitment you and your partner still have for each other burns and shines just as bright or even brighter than this gemstone.

  • 50th wedding anniversary: Golden Jubilee, a gemstone that gives off the meaning of timelessness. Making this a great gift to celebrate the accomplishment of 50 years together and all the memories of this life you have created together. If you want this gemstone to be a tangible symbol of all these years spent together, a golden south sea cultured pearl is a great option to choose.

These are only a few of the fabulous years you spend together as a married couple, there are many in between and after. Show your love and appreciation with a piece of jewelry, one that will be unforgettable!

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