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Aquamarine...What a gem!

Gemstone- Aquamarine

Mineral- Beryl

Hardness- 7.5-8

Aquamarine comes from the mineral beryl and can range in tones from a greenish blue to a light sky color. Lucky for you March babies and those of you celebrating 19 years of marriage, this gem is for you! Miners go to the highest elevations of the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan to find this perfect gem. Its crystals are mostly clean and clear to make for the brightest shimmer. Naturally, this mineral forms large crystals making is perfect for large gems and carvings. The largest mined aquamarine of gem-quality is 19 inches long! Bigger is definitely better in the world of aquamarine.

When buying Aquamarine, the price per carat doesn’t always go up when buying larger stones. Smaller, dark blue Aquamarines tend to cost much more than you may think. This is because of what we call the “ocean theory.” Think of looking out at the ocean; it looks blue out there. Now picture taking a handful of the ocean. Most people know that a handful of sea water doesn’t appear blue at all. This same concept exists with Aquamarine. It is easier to cut a larger stone to retain a lot of that light blue color than a smaller stone that must be much more saturated to appear blue.

Speaking of the ocean, the name “aquamarine” is actually derived from the Latin word for seawater. This gem isn’t just gorgeous. It was believed to calm waves for sailors, protect the wearer, and sharpen intellect. It was also thought to make married couples happier, making it the official gem for the 19th wedding anniversary. Collectors vie over this crystal because of its large, clean and beautifully formed surface, making it a valuable mineral.

After the countless hours of labor required to excavate this crystal from the earth to the market, aquamarine is ready for you. Whether you are a celebrating your anniversary, birthday, or are simply a lover of blue, this gem can be cut to almost any setting of your liking. We have some amazing custom ideas for this gemstone; contact us to hear more so we can create something amazing together for you or your loved one.

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