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Black Owned Businesses That You’ll Love

5 Go to Minority Owned Luxury Businesses in Philly


Want to spice up your jewelry with some fashion, maybe add some additions to your apartment, or just gather some info about some fun and talented minority owned businesses in Philadelphia? You’ve come to the right place. Check out these businesses that we love and click on the pictures to bring you right to their websites!

Perfectly Flawless Boutique

This fashion forward Boutique is owned by Crystal Jackson (Pictured to the left). The boutique opened up in Philadelphia in 2014 and offers a wide array of women’s clothing. To finish off your look, they even offer beauty services at the store by the talented Sade Jennine. This store loves helping women feel empowered and confident in themselves, believes that every woman should be able to express herself by wearing whatever she likes.

Blue Sole Shoes

Blue Sole Shoes is a high-fashioned footwear boutique owned by Steve Jamison (Pictured to the left). It was founded in 2007 and since then has become very well known in the Philadelphia area. Steve's biggest concern in this industry is customer service. He wants to provide the best service he can during the six days a week his store is open. We love his commitment to customer service and are absolutely drooling over the shoes!

Damari Savile

Founded in 2017 by Malcolm Jenkins (Pictured to the left). Damari Savile is a men's and women's boutique. The goal of this boutique was to revolutionize the modern suit. With creative styling and tailoring, he adds an element of culture that is so often overlooked in men‘s suits. Not only does he have the stunning design and fitting studio, he also has a private lounge located in the boutique. He wants comfort when you walk into his boutique, he does not only want his customers to see the store front. We love how he strives to make his customer's feel comfortable and relaxed inside his store.

Charlie's Jeans

Charlie's Jeans is an upscale denim boutique in Philadelphia, owned by Sebastian McCall. Sebastian opened up this store in 1997 with hope that people would be able to walk around in jeans feeling confident about themselves. Sebastian put his time into learning everything that has to do with denim. He loves to take the hassle out of jean shopping and make it an experience that everyone can enjoy.


Yowie is a one of a kind home and life store. Shannon Maldonado (Pictured to the left) is the owner of Yowie, and she founded her boutique in 2016. Everything in this store is unique and comes from all over, giving the store a sense of creativity and life. Shannon curates her inventory with pieces from her friends, designers and other independent artists, showing off all the facets of her creativity right in one place. Not only can her store give you the cutest pieces for your apartment, but when you visit, Shannon can even help with interior design, prop styling, and art direction. We love how bright and outgoing this stores atmosphere is!

Recently many stores in Philadelphia have been struggling due to covid-19 and as well as the riots. They have had to overcome obstacles that many of them probably did not think they would ever have to face. With all the challenges that 2020 has brought for many business owners, some of the businesses above have suffered loss and damage. Listed below are ways to lend some support in these hard times, but hey--don't stop there! We've also included a list of 300 other black owned businesses in Philadelphia that you'll love.

Perfectly Flawless Boutique:

More Black Owned Businesses in Philadelphia:

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