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Gift Ideas For Her

Updated: Nov 12, 2020


The holidays are right around the corner and are coming faster than you think. Creating a list of gifts you have to buy for everyone can be super challenging and stressful. People think that shopping for your significant other is easy but sometimes this can be the hardest person. Especially shopping for girls since they change their minds about what they want every other day. You also may have been together for years now and have given each other everything you both could want already.

Gift shopping for her is never easy, so I'm here to help you with that. All women love and need a little jewelry in their life to spice things up wether its small or large. Jewelry is a great add on to other gifts or just for one big gift. Below are a couple of ideas that will help you shop for your significant other no matter what they like to do. Also listed are pieces of jewelry or something involving jewelry that will help give you ideas on the best type of jewelry we have to offer for her lifestyle. Any ideas listed below can be new or an upgrade of something she already has, they are either specific or broad ideas.

  • Active Lifestyle Ideas

- Fitness Tracking Watch

- Workout Clothes

- Workout Shoes

- Peleton

- Workout Equipment

- Yoga Mat

- Belt Bag

- Headphones

- Water bottle

- Sauna Blanket/Machine

- Piece of Jewelry: Mini cocktail rings and earrings. Both add a little sparkle and

shine and are small enough for it to not bother their active life.

New Mom Lifestyle Ideas

- New Mom Gift Basket

- Mom's One Line A Day Book

- Stroller

- Diaper Bag

- Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

- Comfortable Walking Shoes

- Owlet Smart Sock + Cam

- Simple baby monitor

- Baby Food Maker

- Baby Room Makeover

- Piece of Jewelry: A necklace, ring, or earrings work for a new mom. A way to

make it special would be customizing the jewelry to use the child's

birthstone. An if you plan on having more kids you could leave spaces

for their birthstones.

  • Work Lifestyle Ideas

- Standing Desk

- Powersheets Planner

- Ember Mug

- Work Clothes

- Work Shoes

- Computer/Laptop

- Desk Organizer

- Work Bag

- Nespresso/Coffee Machine

- Robot Vacuum

- Piece of Jewelry: Jewelry for work is going to depend on their job. If they use

their hands a lot, are using gloves, etc. necklaces, earrings, or a small very simple

ring band would be perfect. If they have more of a desk type job a ring that

stands out, and also again a necklace and earrings would be perfect.

  • Helpful Getting Ready Ideas

- Dyson Hair Machine

- New Makeup

- New Mirror

- Robe

- Silk Pillowcase

- Cleansing Brush

- Makeup Remover Towel

- Steamer

- Revlon One Step Drying Brush

- Bathroom Organizer

- Jewelry Accessory: An ultrasonic cleaner. Every girl should be able to get her

jewelry ready before leaving the house. This device is great to use while she

also gets herself ready for the day/evening.

  • Relaxation Ideas

- Spa Day

- Massage Machine At Home

- Bath Salts/Bombs

- A Day All About Her

- Oil Diffuser

- Comfortable Pajamas/Clothes

- Winc Wine Membership or Gift

- Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

- Weighted Blanket

- Sleep Well Kit

- Piece of Jewelry: Anything can work for this. Maybe she relaxes by cleaning,

which would make the ultrasonic cleaner work best. She also may just love

wearing simple jewelry or any other pieces you bought her.

  • Miscellaneous Ideas

- Family Pictures

- Cooking Machines

- Kitchen Tools

- Vacation

- Ipad

- Kindle

- Piece of Jewelry: Maybe you are looking to get engaged. One of our customized

engagement rings or one already made would make a perfect gift.

Everyone wants to give their significant other the world and more. Though it's not always easy to make a decision on the gift you want to get for the special lady in your life, it's defiantly worth the struggle. The smallest or largest gift will make her happy and will show her how much she means to you. It doesn't always have to be materialistic it can also be thoughtful. Use this list to expand on a gift, get ideas from, or use as back up ideas. I have listed below some pictures of the jewelry ideas that were given so you can get ideas of what was mentioned above.

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