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Gift Ideas for Him


Last week we covered gift ideas for her, so it only makes sense that we cover gift ideas for him this week. Guys can be difficult to shop for because it may feel like there are not as many gift options as there are for women. What many people don’t think about is jewelry for men. Men can wear watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and whatever else they want. Jewelry is a great gift to make a gift a little more unique and special for that special guy.

Many of the items listed on the last blog post are also listed on this post because anyone would love them. Any ideas listed below can either be new or an upgrade of something he already has. Also listed at the bottom of each category is a piece of jewelry from our Alex and Mike Collection that would be a perfect gift to give alone or make an addition onto another gift.

  • Active Lifestyle Ideas

- Sneakers

- Athletic Clothes

- Workout Machines/Equipment

- Peleton

- Fitness Tracking Watch

- Headphones

- Water Bottle

- Piece of Jewelry: The Roman Ring would be perfect because it

it is a band that has holes making it airy.

  • New Dad Lifestyle Ideas

- New Grill Set

- Toolbox Set

- Heavy-Duty Cooler

- Fishing Gear

- Diaper Bag

- Running Stroller

- Baby Carrier

- Piece of Jewelry: The Classic Ring,

because you can get your child's initial engraved on it.

  • Work Lifestyle Ideas

- Espresso/Coffee Machine

- Ember Mug

- Watch

- Laptop Carrier

- Standing Desk

- Desk Organizer

- Work Clothes/Shoes

- Computer/Laptop

- Piece of Jewelry: 3D Monogram Cuff Links

  • Getting Ready Ideas

- Beard/Nose Trimmer

- Robe

- Slippers

- Beard Bib

- Dollar Shave Club Subscriptions

- Steamer

- Face Cleansing Kit

- Piece of Jewelry: Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Relaxing Ideas

- Comfortable Clothes

- Whiskey Set (other alcohol works)

- Craft Beer Club Subscription

- Foot Massager

- Scalp Massager

- Weighted Blanket

- Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

- Piece of Jewelry: Any of the Alex and Mike Lifestyle Collection

rings would be a great addition to a relaxing gift.

  • Miscellaneous Ideas

- Wallet

- Cologne

- Sports Team Jersey

- Sunglasses

- Foosball Table Drink Cooler

- Golf Set

- Vacation

-Piece of Jewelry: Alex and Mike Engagement Collection Ring

Below are pictures of our jewelry and jewelry accessories mentioned above.

Shopping for men may seem challenging or may seem repetitive but there is always something that could be upgraded or always something new they may want. Also adding a piece of jewelry to a man's gift gives it more meaning. Like I said in my last post, the smallest or largest gift will make him happy and will show how much he means to you. It doesn't always have to be materialistic it can also be thoughtful.

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