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It's Time to Go & Enjoy Peddlers Village!


Located in bucks county is a family-friendly, opened year-round village, known as Peddler's Village. It has been around for 57 years, making sense into the colonial-style buildings. Here at Peddler's Village, you have the option to come for the day or stay at the gorgeous inn they have to offer for a little getaway. It is not only a place where people go to experience the entertainment, shopping, festivals, dining, gardens, and everything else. It is a place where people will go to have their special events due to the love they have for Peddler's Village. It has hosted weddings, picnics, birthdays, and holiday parties.

Due to what has been going on in today's society it has been hard to find different activities to do that are socially distance friendly. Peddler's Village was a place that was waiting for the time they could open and have their events while following social distancing guidelines. They finally have come to the point where they can open up and welcome all their amazing visitors back into the village. Though it can not do everything that it has done in the past they still have the options to do mini-events. If you go onto their website they have a calendar full of exciting and fun things to do for all seasons and holidays.

For starters, scarecrow season started on September 9th and continues till October 31st. During these 7 weeks know as scarecrow season there will be over 100 unique scarecrows placed throughout the whole village. All the scarecrows come from around the Philly area and are handmade by residents and establishments.

To make this into an event they allow the public to vote on their favorite scarecrows, the voting goes on till October 12th. The village placed ballots throughout all restaurants and shops, and have certain ballot drop-offs listed on the website. They also offer everyone the option to vote online if they would prefer that.

Besides the scarecrow scenery, they have multiple other events going on this month that are social distance friendly of course! If you aren't into Halloween at all, you can still always go and enjoy the shops and everything else the village has. Take advantage of this lovely place and everything it has to offer throughout the year!

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