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Temple Food Trucks


Temple University is located in the heart of North Philly with thousands of students walking around. The number one thing that keeps these students running is food and coffee. Where they get their food and coffee is even more unique: rather than Temple having a bunch of restaurants on campus or tons of indoor dining facilities, they chose to have food trucks parked all over campus.

Temple students have had the pleasure of food trucks on campus since the 1960s. Some food trucks have been here from the start, and tons of new trucks have entered the game since then. With over 30 types of food trucks, there is a huge variety of different cuisines from around the world available right on campus.

In 2015 a regulation was put in place that would force the food trucks to move off-campus at night. Though this was implemented in 2015 it was not a major concern and wasn't exactly put into place until 2019. Doing this is not just a hassle for the business owners, but it also would cost them a lot of money. Many feared that this would put a lot of the food trucks out of business. So the students decided to take it upon themselves and sent out a petition to help the food truck owners. The petitioners wanted the university and city council to allow the food trucks on campus to stay overnight. The city then decided to take some time to have discussions with the campus and food vendors. They agreed they would not enforce these new rules until they explored and addressed all the concerns.

Listed below are some fan faves and more located on campus!

  • Vegan Tree

  • El Guaco Loco

  • Burger Tank

  • The Creperie Truck

  • Cloud

  • Richie's Lunch Box

  • Honey Truck

  • Foot long

  • Chop Chop

  • E&E Gourmet Express

  • The Fruit Salad & Smoothie Trucks

  • Ernie's

  • Sunny Halal Food

  • Caribbean Feast

  • Halal Gyro Express

  • Mexican Grill Stand

  • Eppy's Truck

  • Cha Cha

  • Sexy Green

  • Eddie's

Stop by these food trucks and all the others and try them out. They are well worth it, and if you are in a rush they are great for a speedy order. I hope you enjoy and love them as much as we do!


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