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The Pros and Cons of Holiday Proposals


As the holidays start approaching, everyone starts to get excited and stressed. Proposals are very common during the holidays since it's a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate and enjoy their time with the ones they love. The holidays are known to be magical and romantic with the snow, the lights, the music, and more. Everyone feels closer to the ones they love.

Though this may seem like the right time to propose to your significant other, a proposal is between you two, you need to make it special for the both of you and do what you think your partner would love no matter the time of the year. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of getting engaged during the holidays.

Pros of Getting Engaged

  • Family/Friends: Most families love to celebrate the holidays together to remember the special time of the year. This way everyone you love can be with you to celebrate this monumental time in your journey of love. This also makes your life 10x easier because now you don't have to call everyone and inform them of the engagement, they were all there to see it and congratulate both of you.

  • Scenery: Gorgeous lights and decorations all over the world lighting up this time of the year. You wont have to worry about making sure the moment is romantic because the decorations and if your lucky maybe some snow will do all the work for you.

  • One of The Best Gift Ideas: Gifts can be such a hard and challenging idea to think of. Giving a diamond ring and promising your significant other to spend the rest of your life with them, can't be beat! No other gift can be better than this diamond.

  • Memories: This is an anniversary date that will be so memorable and one that you will never forget. A proposal will not only be a happy memorable moment but it will also make the holidays more festive and happy for the years to come.

Cons of Getting Engaged

  • Not All May be Able to Attend: Sometimes not all families are able to get together during the holidays. Some don't always live close enough to come celebrate, or not all family is able to host both sides of the family. Having one side of their family and not the other may cause an arguments or hurt other feelings.

  • Busy Time of The Year: Holidays may be known for joy and good times, but before that comes stress. Planning and making sure everything is right is always stressful, and then adding a proposal on top of that is going to cause even more stress. Then on top of planning your own events you are attending other events, it is a very busy time of the year.

  • Not its Own Moment/Privacy: Being engaged and celebrating the moment is a big deal and super special. Some couples may want that moment to themselves and also may want to only celebrate that moment and not a holiday with it. The occasions may fall on the back burner to the holidays especially if children become apart of your lives. Some partners may be okay with this and others may not, its all a personal preference.

  • Costly: Diamonds are not cheap and neither are holidays. If you have been saving up for this moment knowing you wanted to do this then cost may not be an issue. As for others who have just decided on this decision, cost is going to be a concern. Not only are you buying the ring you, but you have to pay for other events that are occurring and gifts for other people.

A holiday proposal can be special or stressful it all depends on the couple. This is your special moment, make it whatever time of the year you want, celebrate with whoever and whenever you want, and make it one that you wont forget!


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