Diana Mini Cocktail
  • Diana Mini Cocktail

    The Double Princess Ring is lightweight while being sturdy enough to wear everyday without worry! The solid metal band is 1.9mm wide and features two 2.0mm Princess Cut customizable gemstones with a small opening in between to show the skin of the finger. This band is the perfect sentimental gift including a couple's birthstones.


    January - Red Garnet

    February - Amethyst (purple)

    March - Aquamarine (light blue)

    April - Diamond (white)

    May - Emerald (green)

    June - Alexandrite (bluish purple but changes in the light to purplish red)

    July - Ruby (red)

    August - Peridot (pea green)

    September - Blue Sapphire (blue)

    October - Tourmaline (pink)

    November - Citrine (orange/yellow)

    December - Blue Zircon (light blue)


    **Please note: There will be an additional charge of $50 for each Diamond included in this piece. There will also be an additional $75 charge for each Alexandrite included in this piece.**

      PriceFrom $200.00