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Find Your Stone

Finding the perfect stones is by far the most important step in the design process. Shopping for a jewelry online can be so frustrating and often feel impersonal. At Désideria, I take my time searching for a handful of stones that meet your needs and fall in your desired budget. I take pride in my stone choices, and I only choose diamonds and gemstones for my clients that I would choose for myself. 

Now if you're buying Diamonds...

The FOUR C's infographic will be able to help explain some of the aspects of diamond buying that are important for customer's to know. The four C's include: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. 

The Anatomy of a Stone infographic will also be helpful in explaining some of the language that's used when talking about diamonds and gemstones.

...but if you're buying a Gemstones...

The Guide to Stone Shapes infographic will help both Diamond and Gemstone shoppers. We've also provided information on and examples of our work with our most frequented gemstones.

Click the infographic to download!


Anatomy of a Stone Green.png
The Four C's Green.png
Guide To Gem Cuts Green.png
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