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  • Virtual Custom Redesign Meeting

    In this 30 minute meeting, you'll be sitting down with Desiree, our designer. She will answer all of your questions and discuss your redesign options. Taking your existing stones and metal she will create a beautiful design to give your pieces new life.

  • Custom Jewelry Pickup

    This service is for current clients only! If you've opted to pick up your custom piece, just choose a time that works for you to let us know when to expect you. During your pick up, Desiree can answer any questions you may have about any existing or upcoming designs. **We unfortunately cannot accommodate late arrivals beyond 15 minutes for appointments due to short staffing and scheduling. Since we travel to shows, we have to cluster our in studio appointments for when we are in town. If you are late to your appointment, this pushes back our entire schedule for the day, which is unfair to our other clients. Please arrive on time and let us know within 24 hours if you can no longer make your appointment and need to reschedule.**

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  • 5 Incredible Gemstones You’ve Probably Never Heard of

    Normally everyone can name one of the many gemstones that exist. What people don't realize is that there are so many other different kinds of gemstones around the world. These gemstone are normally rare making them super unique. The gemstones that I will list below will give your piece of jewelry a stunning and incomparable look compared to others. This list is going to come in handy with the new trend for engagement rings. Many people are ditching the diamonds and wanting something different. They want a unique colored gemstone instead of the usual diamond. Listed below is 5 different types of gemstones that you most likely have never seen or heard of. Alexandrite The Alexandrite gemstone was first founded in Russia in 1833. This gem is a valuable mineral of the chrysoberyl family. There is a lack of these gemstones around the world making it rare. The gems color is either green, brownish, or purplish red. Benitoite The Benitoite gemstone was founded in California in 1907. This gem is rare because California is currently still the only location that gem is found. Since it is so rare it is nearly impossible to find one that would be over two carats. The color of the gem is sapphire-blue, which is very vibrant and transparent. Pietersite The Pietersite gemstone was first founded in Africa in 1962. This gem has a stunning and unique color to it, ranging from a dark blue to a flashing gold. To make the color even better the blue and gold are normally mixed. The value of this gemstone is increasing constantly. It is known to help with protection and strengthening. Poudretteite The Poudretteite gemstone was first founded in Quebec, but wasn't recognized as a gem until 1986. This gem was named after the Poudrette family since it was founded in the quarry they owned. It is one of the world's rarest gemstones. The color ranges from a lovely pink to a violet. Red Beryl The Red Beryl gemstone was founded in Utah in 1904. Before the name Red Beryl, this gemstone was known as Bixbite. Utah is still the only location that this gem is currently found in. For this gem to crystallize it needs to be in a specific geochemical environment. The color of this gem is red, forming from manganese. There are more than these 5 rare gemstones that also aren't known. Research is key when it comes to finding that special unique piece of jewelry you want. There are so many different gemstones out there that will allow you to find the ring of your dreams.

  • Cocktail Recipes for the Holidays

    Spice up the holidays with some fabulous and crazy unique cocktail drinks. This year needs to be spiced up a little since things won't be as normal as they usually are. Let's make these holidays a little less boring than people believe it will be. Each drink listed below has a cocktail ring to match if you want to make the drinks a little more exciting and fun. Christmosas - This would go perfect with the Desiree Signature Ring. Peppermintinis - This would go perfect with the Trinity Cocktail Ring. White Christmas Margaritas - This would go perfect with the Juliet Split Ring. White Russian - This would go perfect with the Nell Ring. Pecan Pie Martini - This would go perfect with the Dottie Cocktail Ring. Drunk Jack Frosties - This would go perfect with the Melody or Jasmine Cocktail Ring. Boozy Butterbeer Punch -This would go perfect with the Minerva Signature Ring. Santa Hat Jell-O Shots - This would go perfect with the Lexi Mini Cocktail Ring. Mistletoe Mules - This would go perfect with the Cindi Mini Cocktail Ring. Jingle Juice - This would go perfect with the Ocula Cocktail Ring. Rumchata Egg Nog - This would go perfect with the Classic Ring. Champagne Margaritas - This would go perfect with the Victoria Vintage Signet Ring. Cranberry Mojitos - This would go perfect with the Genevieve Cocktail Ring. Fireball Hot Toddies - This would go perfect with the Roman Ring. Boozy Grinch Punch - This would go perfect with the Fiona Cocktail Ring. A new cocktail recipe and a cocktail ring to go with it? What is better than that. Enjoy these holidays as much as you can by trying to make the most out of them. Below are pictures of the cocktail rings listed above in order.

  • Gift Ideas for Him

    Last week we covered gift ideas for her, so it only makes sense that we cover gift ideas for him this week. Guys can be difficult to shop for because it may feel like there are not as many gift options as there are for women. What many people don’t think about is jewelry for men. Men can wear watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and whatever else they want. Jewelry is a great gift to make a gift a little more unique and special for that special guy. Many of the items listed on the last blog post are also listed on this post because anyone would love them. Any ideas listed below can either be new or an upgrade of something he already has. Also listed at the bottom of each category is a piece of jewelry from our Alex and Mike Collection that would be a perfect gift to give alone or make an addition onto another gift. Active Lifestyle Ideas - Sneakers - Athletic Clothes - Workout Machines/Equipment - Peleton - Fitness Tracking Watch - Headphones - Water Bottle - Piece of Jewelry: The Roman Ring would be perfect because it it is a band that has holes making it airy. New Dad Lifestyle Ideas - New Grill Set - Toolbox Set - Heavy-Duty Cooler - Fishing Gear - Diaper Bag - Running Stroller - Baby Carrier - Piece of Jewelry: The Classic Ring, because you can get your child's initial engraved on it. Work Lifestyle Ideas - Espresso/Coffee Machine - Ember Mug - Watch - Laptop Carrier - Standing Desk - Desk Organizer - Work Clothes/Shoes - Computer/Laptop - Piece of Jewelry: 3D Monogram Cuff Links Getting Ready Ideas - Beard/Nose Trimmer - Robe - Slippers - Beard Bib - Dollar Shave Club Subscriptions - Steamer - Face Cleansing Kit - Piece of Jewelry: Ultrasonic Cleaner Relaxing Ideas - Comfortable Clothes - Whiskey Set (other alcohol works) - Craft Beer Club Subscription - Foot Massager - Scalp Massager - Weighted Blanket - Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set - Piece of Jewelry: Any of the Alex and Mike Lifestyle Collection rings would be a great addition to a relaxing gift. Miscellaneous Ideas - Wallet - Cologne - Sports Team Jersey - Sunglasses - Foosball Table Drink Cooler - Golf Set - Vacation -Piece of Jewelry: Alex and Mike Engagement Collection Ring Below are pictures of our jewelry and jewelry accessories mentioned above. Shopping for men may seem challenging or may seem repetitive but there is always something that could be upgraded or always something new they may want. Also adding a piece of jewelry to a man's gift gives it more meaning. Like I said in my last post, the smallest or largest gift will make him happy and will show how much he means to you. It doesn't always have to be materialistic it can also be thoughtful.

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  • Custom Engagement Rings | Désideria Collection

    Find Your Gemstone Finding the perfect stone is by far the most important step in the engagement ring design process. Shopping for a ring online can be so frustrating and often feel impersonal. At Désideria, I take my time searching for a handful of stones that meet your needs and fall in your desired budget. I take pride in my stone choices, and I only choose diamonds and gemstones for my clients that I would choose for myself. If you're buying a Gemstone... The four C's are discussed when purchasing gemstones but in a different way than diamonds. Cut and Carat Weight are still the same when it comes to gemstones. The Guide to Stone Shapes infographic will help both Diamond and Gemstone shoppers. When it comes to color and clarity, there is no widely used scale for the color or clarity of gemstones. Usually the saturation of the gemstone as well as the lightness or darkness of the hue will be considered when purchasing a gemstone. Clarity is considered in a similar way to Diamonds, but there is no official scale for gems. ​ Click any infographic to download! Let's check out some Gemstones Ready to take a peek at stones in your price range? Below is a selection of one-of-a-kind, precision faceted gemstones from the Roger Dery Collection. We absolutely love these holistically sourced gemstones, and we know you will, too. Once you find a stone you like, fill out the form below. We'll get back to you via email as soon as possible with more information and next steps. Happy Hunting! ​ ​ Find a Diamond or Gemstone you love? Let's hold it for you. Check Availability Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you on Diamond availabitily ASAP!

  • Custom Jewelry Redesigns |Désideria Collection

    Sometimes something is passed down that you may not entirely love, or maybe you loved your piece at the time, but your personal style has changed. If you love your diamonds and gemstones, but the style of the setting just isn’t for you, we can help! The most important part of most jewelry pieces are the stones, and we can completely give your stones new life by simply laying them out differently. To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Now, let's talk about how I can make that happen for you... Step 1: Establish your goals Figuring out what you're looking for is a great place to start. In this first step, I take a close look at all of your pieces to make sure all of your stones are intact and usable before establishing a desired price range for your piece. We also weigh and test all of the metal to figure out how much credit I can give you towards your new jewelry.** This way, I'm able to work backwards from our initial budget to make SURE you can afford everything. This is also when I ask my clients to do some Pinterest scrolling... **If you'd like us to save your original mounting, we may be able to do that upon request depending on the condition of the jewelry when we receive it. Just email us that you want us to salvage the remainder of the ring as best we can, and we will try to keep it in the best shape possible while removing the stones. Ready to Redesign? Let's do this. What type of jewelry do you have? Wedding Bands Engagement Ring Other Rings Chains Earrings A big old mix of stuff What do you want to have made? Cocktail Ring Pendant Earrings Wedding Band Conversion Pendant Chain Hoops Other What are your pieces currently made of? 14k Yellow Gold 14k White Gold 14k Rose Gold Platinum Something Else What type of stones do you have in your current jewelry? Diamonds Gemstones Both Ah! Idk! Submit Answers Thanks for submitting!

  • Custom Cocktail Jewelry | Desideria Collection

    STEP THREE: Design & Approval During the first step of the process, we iron out the basic idea of what the client is looking for in a design. In this third step, we dive deeper into design, getting to the bottom of what exactly the piece will look like. The piece will be designed entirely around your Diamonds or gemstones in order to accentuate every perfect detail. Next Step

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