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They were absolutely gorgeous AND she made them convertible; it was like getting three pairs of earrings for the price of one, and I still wear them! She did the same with the earrings that she made for my bridesmaids, so the girls can continue to wear their earrings in a more casual setting also. The idea was so creative, and it allowed us to get so much more use out of the jewelry that we bought.

Carmen, 2017

Any time I had a question about any part of the process, she took the time to speak with me and give me a helpful explanation. Any time I asked Desi for her opinion on ring design, she gave me a thoughtful answer while still giving me the flexibility to choose. Finally, she used her top-notch skills and creativity to make a wonderful ring that my now-fiance absolutely loves. I enjoyed every step of working with Desi!

Andy, 2018

Working with Desi was wonderful when it came to designing my husband and I's wedding bands. We wanted something specific and she was able to make exactly what we were looking for. From the beginning, there was great communication about the process and timeline. After we received the bands you could tell how much time and quality were put into them. She also resized my husbands after the wedding within one week [including mailing time]! Desi is a joy to work with and truly talented!

Emily, 2018

Desi is a genius! I inquired about turning an inherited wedding ring into a completely new piece of jewelry that I could wear without it looking like a wedding ring. Desi included me in the entire design process and made sure I was happy with what she had in mind. The ring turned out better than I could have ever imagined- she is a true artist. She was extremely professional throughout the process and I can not recommend her enough!

Megan, 2018

Desi did an absolutely amazing job working with me on the diamond purchase and then custom creating the ring. Couldn't have been an easier process or a better result.

David, 2019

Got a gorgeous necklace from my hubby for Xmas! Couldn’t be more thrilled with it! 
In fact ... Desi need earrings to match!!!

Paula G., 2019

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