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Find Your Gemstone

Finding the perfect stone is by far the most important step in the engagement ring design process. Shopping for a ring online can be so frustrating and often feel impersonal. At Désideria, I take my time searching for a handful of stones that meet your needs and fall in your desired budget. I take pride in my stone choices, and I only choose diamonds and gemstones for my clients that I would choose for myself. 

If you're buying a Gemstone...

The four C's are discussed when purchasing gemstones but in a different way than diamonds. Cut and Carat Weight are still the same when it comes to gemstones. The Guide to Stone Shapes infographic will help both Diamond and Gemstone shoppers.


When it comes to color and clarity, there is no widely used scale for the color or clarity of gemstones. Usually the saturation of the gemstone as well as the lightness or darkness of the hue will be considered when purchasing a gemstone. Clarity is considered in a similar way to Diamonds, but there is no official scale for gems.

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Let's check out some Gemstones

Ready to take a peek at stones in your price range? Below is a selection of one-of-a-kind, precision faceted gemstones from the Roger Dery Collection. We absolutely love these holistically sourced gemstones, and we know you will, too. Once you find a stone you like, fill out the form below. We'll get back to you via email as soon as possible with more information and next steps.


Happy Hunting!

Find a Diamond or Gemstone you love? Let's hold it for you.

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