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Sometimes something is passed down that you may not entirely love, or maybe you loved your piece at the time, but your personal style has changed. If you love your diamonds and gemstones, but the style of the setting just isn’t for you, we can help! The most important part of most jewelry pieces are the stones, and we can completely give your stones new life by simply laying them out differently.

Now, let's talk about how I can make that happen for you...


Step 1:

Establish your goals 

Figuring out what you're looking for is a great place to start. In this first step, I take a close look at all of your pieces to make sure all of your stones are intact and usable before establishing a desired price range for your piece. We also weigh and test all of the metal to figure out how much credit I can give you towards your new jewelry.** This way, I'm able to work backwards from our initial budget to make SURE you can afford everything. This is also when I ask my clients to do some Pinterest scrolling...

**If you'd like us to save your original mounting, we may be able to do that upon request depending on the condition of the jewelry when we receive it. Just email us that you want us to salvage the remainder of the ring as best we can, and we will try to keep it in the best shape possible while removing the stones.

Ready to Redesign? Let's do this.

What type of jewelry do you have?
What do you want to have made?
What are your pieces currently made of?
What type of stones do you have in your current jewelry?

Thanks for submitting!

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