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Rosie Ring Necklace
  • Rosie Ring Necklace

    This fun and functional necklace was designed with hardworking ladies in mind. Handmade in Philadelphia, the Rosie Ring Necklace holds your engagement or wedding ring safe and close to your heart while you're unable to wear it on your finger. This necklace is so easy to use, you'll find yourself gifting it to all the brides-to-be in your life.


    Barely There Rope Chain is approximately 0.8mm thick.

    Diamond Cut Cable Chain is approximately 1.3mm thick.

    • Every piece is handmade to order so please allow 10-14 business days for production. You will receive a shipment confirmation when your piece is in its way!

    • The Rosie Necklace can be customized upon request. We are able to add stones or adust size to fit different ring sizes as well. Prices for customization will vary and if you would like to order a custom Rosie necklace please email us at

    PriceFrom $150.00
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