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11 Fun and Creative Ways to Pop The Question


Now that you know how to hint towards the ring of your dreams (if you don't then you should go look at my last post), shouldn't you also have a proposal that will top off the moment? Proposals can be extravagant and crazy, they can also be subtle and relaxed. Before proposals were the same for everyone, but now there are so many different ways to make this experience your own.

This memory is one that you will remember for the rest of your life, and all anyone wants is for it to be perfect. Planning is one of the hardest parts of the surprise. It can be super anxiety provoking for everyone, but there is NO need to stress or worry. Your partner will love whatever you do for them - I promise!

Here are 11 ways to make that moment special, unique, and memorable :)

#1 Scavenger Hunt

Let's make this proposal an adventure. Set up hints in different areas that will lead to the final location for the proposal.

To make this idea even more meaningful, start the scavenger hunt where you first met or had your first date and end it where your last date was.

#2 Let's Go to The Beach

The beach is a place where people go to have fun, make memories, and be relaxed. There is always a lovely view, especially when the sun is rising or setting.

Imagine a nice walk on the beach with the sun setting over the horizon of the gorgeous ocean. You're talking about all your fun memories together and just enjoying each other's company. You will both forever remember that this is the beach you decided to spend forever together.

#3 Love Song or Poem

Do you and your significant other love romance and everything that has to do with it. Well this is the perfect way to make your proposal super romantic. Write a song or poem about your love for them and your fantastic memories together. It doesn't have to be perfect or something so amazing, it just has to be from the heart.

Just express to your partner exactly how you feel about them. They will love whatever you say. You can also do this proposal wherever you want, location doesn't matter - it's the words that will matter the most.

#4 Puppy

This proposal will have major cuteness overload. Who doesn't love a dog and their puppy eyes!? The real question is how could someone ever say no to a dogs puppy eyes?

You can dress the dog up with a bow tie or a regular bow. You can tie a note to the dogs bow and send your dog off to find your significant other. You will be waiting for your partner at the location that the note said to go to. This is a super snug way to involve a dog.

#5 Concert

This seems like it would be a horrible idea because it's hard to hear at concerts and they are normally crowded. But, what if you both love that one small band and you wanted to go see them so bad, or even a big artist. How much fun would it be to have the chance to go on stage and propose!?

Going with a small band is an easier way to accomplish this, but it never hurts to make some calls and try for a larger one. This could be an amazing experience that will only happen once in a lifetime. Your partner will always remember that moment they were on stage with one of their favorite performers.

#6 Restaurant

Take your significant other to that expensive or down to earth restaurant that they love. Make a reservation and let them know that you are going to propose tonight. Ask the restaurant if you can have appetizers and drinks on the table when you arrive and also order dinner and desserts to come out later.

Leave a note on the bed or night stand telling your significant other to get dressed up and be ready by a certain time and that a driver will be picking them up. You will be dressed and already with the driver to go to the restaurant together.

#7 Surrounded by The Ones Who Love You Both The Most

Do you both love being surrounded by family and friends and want the closest people to be there for your special moment? Having a small get together can mean a lot to not only your partner but also the people you invite.

Doing this shows everyone that you want them to be apart of your journey together, and it also shows both you and your significant other how much everyone cares for your relationship. This way can be more personal because you can have everyone write something that they love about you both and make a video out of it.

#8 Movie Night

There are two ways that you can approach this idea. You can go to a drive in movie theater or set up a movie theater in your backyard or at some other fun location. Either way remember the blankets and food!

Go to see an old time movie or pick out a movie that you both love. Each of these scenarios are different in their own way. If you do the drive in you can't do as much as you could in your backyard. It all depends on your partner and you and what you both love.

#9 Somewhere Down Memory Lane

If you and your significant other love reminiscing on old times and you have that one special spot that means so much to you both, then this proposal will mean the world to them. This option can go many ways since it all depends on where the spot is.

This will allow you both to create yet another memory together and make that one spot mean so much more to you both. Turn that spot into not just any spot but YOUR spot.

#10 On Vacation

Traveling with your significant other is such an incredible experience for the both of you. There are so many new and interesting experiences to go through together. So why not make that one trip more extravagant than it was supposed to be.

There are so many stunning places to travel to that have incredible areas. Go to a location that you both have been wanting to go to. Have the trip of a lifetime and make it as special as you can for the both of you.

#11 Waking up with the ring on

One morning when your significant other is asleep you can carefully slip the ring onto their ring finger. Go about your morning and make breakfast for the both of you. Continue the day until your partner realizes that there is something different about their hand.

They are going to be speechless once they notice the ring. They will come running to find you if they aren't with you already. From that moment you can express your love for them and that you want to spend the rest of your life together. Soon your partner is going to be quoting Beyonce and telling everyone, "I woke up like this".

Deciding how you want to pop the question is not always easy. Sometimes you can't decide how you want to do it or you feel like you have too many options. And let me tell you, too many is always better than none. You can always combine some of these ideas and make them even more creative and unique. Think outside of the box with some of these ideas and make them your own. Remember to always have fun with this because this is the start to your life with the person that you love so much.

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