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Restaurants in Philly Where You Should Grab a Bite


The city of Philadelphia has so much culture within it, which allows there to be hundreds of food options. There are so many restaurants, bars, and cafes in the city with crazy unique meal options and scenery, which makes it hard to decide where you want to go. The best way to choose is by deciding what type of vibe you want, the prices, and of course by reading the reviews.

Here is a few places to eat at in Philly that are a MUST!

Sabrina's Cafe

Looking for a cute, comfy, and welcome place to go and get something to eat? If yes, Sabrina's Cafe is the place for you then. They have 5 different locations - four in Philadelphia and one in new jersey. Here they offer some yummy and unique meals that have a twist. The food ranges from breakfast to lunch to dinner, so you are able to go any time of the day. They serve the same creative dishes as in the morning, except they make it more appropriate for dinner. Go on by for a great meal, in a cute cafe.

Cafe La Maude

Cafe La Maude is well known for their brunch, and their overall vibe relates to Paris. The restaurant itself was created to include family traditions and meals the owners had as children, therefore, it's goal is to give guest an experience that makes them feel like family. It has a menu based around a French-Lebanese style. This place is so welcoming and bright. Stop by for an incredible brunch that will be served with love.

Mac Mart

Mac Mart is defiantly the place to be if you are obsessed with mac and cheese and everything that has to do with it. This cute little cafe has stepped up the American comfort food game. You can make your own bowl here with their own cheese sauce while being able to choose from over 30 toppings to add to your bowl. Better yet - if you are obsessed with their cheese or some of the toppings, they are all available for purchase to make your very own bowl at home. Go on over to the Mac Mart if you want to satisfy some of those cheesy needs (we know we do)!

Enoteca Tredici

Multiple Small meals and wine for decent prices - what sounds better than that!? This restaurant may look like a normal bar, but it is actually a Mediterranean based wine bar. It's just the perfect place to go for a happy hour with friends and catch up. They sometimes will even have live musicians play while you eat at the restaurant. This place is so energetic and offers stunning surroundings (aka VERY instagramable).


Located in heart of the city is this wonderful Asian restaurant. You will leave this place not only full from having an outstanding meal but also thinking of the cool atmosphere created in the space. This restaurant offers creative dishes and drinks, and for all you happy hour lovers, an amazing happy hour. Also located in the alley behind the restaurant is the graffiti bar which serves the same delicious food - setting this restaurant's creativity above and beyond.

Umai Umai

Want to go somewhere that loves to push the limits and experiment with food? This Japanese restaurant offers very creative and distinct sushi creations. The owner, who happens to also be the chef, loves to keep learning more ways to better his last meal. This restaurant describes him very well as having a very unique personality because of a lifetime of unique experiences. He has been recognized as one of the top chefs in Philadelphia. Make sure to stop by for an amazing experience that you will not forget.

Little Nonna's

Little Nonna's is a small and quiet, yet adorable Italian-American restaurant. This restaurant has the cutest little garden in which you can eat. If you prefer to be inside, you can do regular indoor seating or you can sit at the chef's counter which allows you to look into the kitchen and see everything going on. They offer delicious Italian food that is made with love and creativity. This just so happens to be our owner, Desiree's favorite Italian spot in the city.

Craftsman Row

Do you have a huge sweet tooth or just want a delicious American Dinner. Craftsman Row is the place to be then. Their motto is "Work hard. Play Harder.", and they defiantly live up to that on their menu. You will look at pictures of their entrees and dessert options and go crazy over them. They make crazy alcoholic milkshakes and delicious burgers. Make sure to stop by here with an empty stomach because you will want to try it all. You may even run into some of our very own craftsmen if you're lucky!

Brü Craft & Wurst

A German based bar that serves mostly Bavarian food but also some American-Bavarian food. everyone knows that Germans love their beer, so of course this bar has a ton of options. They have 39 drafts on tap to offer and they also have a beer wall where you can serve yourself. Come here with a big appetite because they are ready to make sure you get the whole German experience.

These are only a select few of the fabulous and fun restaurants that the city of Philadelphia has to offer. Stop by these places to make your own judgement on them and experience all the life and culture they have to offer you. It is always fun to get out there and try something new that you didn't think you would ever try!

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